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10 Life Hacks that Spells Fun for Parents and Children

Get creative with your children with these 10 little hacks that will make your afternoon bonding a lot more fun without the excess spending.

You’ll be surprised how you can turn simplest household items into fun-tastic toys for the kids!

1. Turn a Pizza Box into an Art Canvas

    Is your child in love with art? Turn a pizza box or any wide unused cardboard box into his very own canvas! Just flip the flap over to the other side and you have a stand. Or even cut it in two so you can have twice the fun. Not only will you save cash, but it also teaches your kids how to recycle. 

    2. Turn a Cardboard Box into a Stair Slide
    Got a couple of cardboard boxes lying around the house? Perhaps you’ve bought a new TV or desktop and it comes in with a really big box. Don’t throw them away just yet. Instead, turn them into a cardboard stair slide! Just disassemble the box and lay it flat on the stair case. Make sure to tape the edges to secure the cardboard in place. Voila! You have an instant slide.

    3. Turn Chores into a Game

    Time to tidy up the room? Play race the clock with an egg timer and have your children race the time to clean up their toys.

    4. Turn an Inflatable Pool as Safe Play Area for your Baby
    Got some chores to do and no baby sitter to look after your kid? Get your Inflatable pool set up as a safe play area that’s large enough to keep your baby busy for hours.

    5. Create a Fort with Hoola-Hoops and Bed Sheet
    Turn your backyard into kid's land with a couple of hoola-hoops and bed sheet. This is a really cool alternative for a treehouse for those with small backyard area.

    6. Make a Table Hammock with a Bedsheet

    Turn your large dining table into your kid's very own hammock with a bed sheet. Just tie the sheet around the table securely and have your child swinging

    underneath as you cook dinner.

    7. Use a Fan to Inflate Your Children’s Bed Fort
    Get a box fan and inflate your child's bed sheet. Now they have their very own fort!

    8. Fight off Scary Monsters with this Monster Spray
    Turn a bottle spray into a monster repellant for your kid especially during bed time. This helps ease your children's fear of monsters coming out of the closet. And also teaches them how to win over their fears.

    9. Use a Muffin Liner as Basin for Melted Ice Cream
    Stick a muffin liner underneath that melting popsicle and reduce the mess. Plus, your kid can still get to drink the melted ice cream off the muffin liner.

    10. Soak Old Markers in water and Turn them into Water Color
    Put your old dried up markers in a spray bottle and fill it up with water overnight. Voila! Now you have a fun spray water color paint for the kids.

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