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3 Factors that Weaken Your Child’s Immune System

weak immune systemMeeting your child’s recommended nutritional requirement is often difficult. Especially if you have a high-energy child who’s also a picky eater (the best of both worlds indeed), parents can become very paranoid with their child always at risk to getting illnesses. 

While some behaviors are normal and doesn’t attract risks, there are some that place your child’s health at risk. Once you see signs of dwindling health in your kid, make sure to visit your pediatrician right away.

Here are some factors that can potentially compromise your little one's immune system:

Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep produces body stress that prevents oxygen from freely circulating in the brain. This results to a weaker immune system. A weaker immune system makes the body more prone to getting sick from viruses.

Chronic sleep loss may also place your child at risk to developing immune system impairment.

Too much sugar

Having too much sugar is unhealthy especially for children. Too much sugar in the body system reduces white blood cell count, thus resulting to weakened immune system. The body's white blood cells play a valuable role in the immune system. It protects the body from unwanted invaders like germs and bacteria from infecting body organs.

Promote healthier eating habits to your children by adding more fruits and vegetables in their diet.

Germs and bad bacteria

Germs and bacteria can be found everywhere even on his toys that you frequently clean and disinfect. It just takes one touch to transfer bacteria from an infected one to another. It can be through his friends at the playground, in school, or even you. So make sure your child has a strong immune system at all cost.

Vitamin C deficiency

Vitamin C deficiency, if not treated, can cause health complications including anemia and scurvy. On the flip side, overdosing on Vitamin C can lead to an upset stomach and diarrhea.

Make sure you give the right amount of Vitamin C to your children daily. Vitamin C helps strengthen your child’s immune system and fight against various kinds of bacteria and viruses.