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3 Simple Tricks for Healthy Snack Shopping

healthy snacks

Not a fan of reading labels? You might have to start doing it.

Recent statistics reveal that 38 percent of adults in America is obese and 17 percent of teenagers are. Obesity in children and teens is definitely becoming a serious issue, which is why health experts are encouraging parents to be more proactive when it comes to preparing meals for their children.

One good way to develop a good eating habit is by giving your kids packed food especially before going to school instead of money.

However, shopping for healthy snack can be challenging. There are so many options in the shelves and some food items are actually not so goody-good after all. There’s no particular ingredient that can give all the nutrients your body needs.

Here are 3 simple tricks you can take with you before hitting the grocery aisle.

Keep an eye on food labels

Got to always read the nutrition facts label. As parents, you have to be aware of what goes into your child’s tummy and make sure to eliminate junk. Understand which food and beverage serves your child empty calories like candies, chips, etc.

Choose whole foods

Whole foods are a more nutritious and filling alternative because they leave your child more energized throughout the day. Go for sandwiches that are made with whole-wheat bread and different fillings each day, such as tuna, egg, cheese, and chicken bits.

Add vegetables like lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, and cucumber for added fiber and nutrients. Prepare the fillings in advance to save time during busy mornings.

Avoid sugary beverages

Snacking on sweet treats often is not beneficial in the long run as there is a tendency for children to become overweight if they get used to the sugar. Cut down on the juices and chocolate drink. Go for whole fruits that contain fiber and other nutrients.

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