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3 Ways to Discipline Your Child without Losing Your Cool

parenting and disciplineIt’s easy to get lost in frustration when it comes to disciplining a child. Every parent is guilty of raising their voices when their kids yell at them. Or worse, some parents resort to violence. There is a thin borderline between discipline and being abusive.

So if you are feeling guilty for the harsh words and not-so-sweet tone of voice, or you are just looking for ways to make discipline more effective for your child, here are some tips that can come in handy:

Examine your motives

What are the reasons why you need to discipline your child? To what extent did his bad behavior affect you or someone else?

Make sure you make the right judgment before laying your hands or talking to your kid. Evaluate the gravity of the situation and if he or she feels remorseful about it. If you feel like your child is not even sorry for what he or she has done, try to communicate to them the reason why their behavior needs to be acted with a certain level of punishment.

Choose the right time and place

The worst thing you can do to a child is to embarrass them in front of their peers. Especially if your child has already started schooling, these children have higher tendencies to be conscious about their ‘status quo’ or how others see them.

When you reprove your child in front of others, you take his focus off of the bad behavior he’s done and onto the embarrassment and humiliation that you have unnecessarily caused him. Your goal is not to embarrass him but to bring him to regret.

Keep calm

Try to keep calm as much as possible. Choose the right tone of voice and choose the right words to say. It is easy to lose your cool when your child is becoming hysterical. It is normal for a child to become very defensive and try to negotiate themselves out of trouble by being very emotional. Do not stoop down to their level and maintain a clear, calm, leveled voice when talking to him.

Find the right words but remember not to overdo it and sugarcoat things. Talk to them like they are adults and discuss the consequences of their actions which resorted you to discipline them.

Do you have comments and suggestions about disciplining your children? We love to hear your thoughts! Comment below.