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5 Tips for Your Child's Success in School

Eagerness to succeed--or likeliness to fail--at success starts at home. Motivation should always start from the family as they are the primary people that influences a child’s behavior and attitude towards anything whether it be school or play.

Studies show that poor academic performance can be linked to factors like lack of sleep, poor nutrition, obesity, and lack of parental support. On the other hand, those who live in homes with healthy study habits, and good communication are likely to achieve higher test scores.

To ensure your child heads off to school with the best possible foundation, here are 10 must-learn tips for parents in raising a motivated child.

Enforce Healthy Habits

You can’t perform well when you’re not feeling good. Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep, get a healthy breakfast each morning, exercise, play, and limit the time he spends on watching TV, playing video games, and using the computer.

Stick to a Routine
Most kids thrive on structure and respond well to routines to help them organize their days. Create routines that you and your child can work with together like creating breakfast for your child as he gets ready for school and fix his bed. Or prepare dinner as he does his homework.

Create a “Launch Pad”
It is important to have a single place to put backpacks, jackets, shoes, and school projects each day. This makes it easy for your child to find and keep the items he needs for school each day and keep it organized.

Designate a Space
Provide your child a designated homework space to make it fun and easy for children to complete assignments at home. A desk is great, but a basket of supplies and a stretch of kitchen counter can work just as well.

Read and Read
Sit down and read a little with your child every day. Give him opportunities to read out loud to you, as well.

Learn Always
Look for ways to teach your child throughout the day. Invest in educational toys like puzzles (improves logic), mazes, and even on outdoor toys like kites. Not only are these fun and exciting to use but they are also fuel to your child’s imagination and curiosity.

Take the Lead
Children learn by example. Let your kids “catch” you reading. Learn a new skill and discuss the experience with them. Pay bills or do other “home work” while your kids do their schoolwork. If you display a strong work ethic and seek out learning opportunities for yourself, your children will begin to model that same behavior in their own lives.

Talk Often
Talk with her about what she likes and doesn’t like at school. Let your child express her disappointments, anxieties, and excitements about each day. Hence, don’t forget to always support and encourage her by praising her efforts and more importantly on achievements. But don’t forget to call out as well failures and mistakes.

Show Interest
Show interest by meeting the teachers and stay in contact with them through email or phone. Not only will it pave the way for you to ask questions, but it will also make the teachers more comfortable with calling you if they have concerns about your child.

Expect Success
Perhaps the most important way you can support your child’s efforts at school is to expect him to succeed. That doesn’t mean that you demand he be the best student or the best athlete or the best artist. Rather, let him know that you expect him to do “his best” so that he’ll be proud of what he can accomplish.