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6 Things You Should Know Before Having a Baby

happy parentingThinking of getting pregnant soon or in the near future?

Definitely, raising kids and having a family is the ultimate dream for many of us. It can be considered as the end goal for our journey in life especially when we see our kids at the verge of success.

But of course, keep in mind that parents are also burdened with serious responsibilities.

Here are some tips that would help you in preparing for a family.

1. Have a Parenting Talk with Your Partner

Talk to your partner about priorities, expectations, and fears. Parenthood is not just about deciding on birthday party receptions and choosing a paint color for the nursery room.

There are a lot of responsibilities that will come into play particularly finances, education, behavior, attitude—most of which you cannot prepare or plan ahead. Make sure you talk to your partner about these things before you decide to get pregnant.

2. Rethink If You Really Want to Live in Your Current Home

Do you plan to have a big family or a small one? Definitely, your studio apartment may not be the perfect home to raise your family especially if you’re looking into having more than 3 kids.

Check on your current location and see if school, hospital, or any of the necessary services are accessible. You would also want an environment that inspires your kids and teach them great values.

3. Talk to Your Parents

Who else can give you the best advice on parenting than your own parents?

While yes, they may be of an older generation, but at the end of the day you share the same struggles and concerns.

4. Slowly Let Go of Bad Habits and Vices

It’s not that you shouldn’t party anymore, if you really love to have fun, it’s about choosing the right crowd to hang out with. And of course in moderation.

Say goodbye to your vices if you can. And of course, no to irresponsible alcohol consumption.

5. Prepare to Come Busy

Remember those friends you’ve had that no longer come to your clique’s parties and night outs since they’ve had a baby? That will most likely happen to you as well.

Giving birth to a child can get your hands tied with so many things—and we’re not talking about merely changing diapers or feeding.

6. Raise Yourself First

Parenthood is a lot to take in. If you still have a lot of hang ups or issues, it wouldn’t be advisable for you to bring a child into this world.

You have to be emotionally and mentally strong as the struggle is definitely real for moms and dads. You are your child’s foundation. You are your child’s rock.

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