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aGreatLife partners with ChildHope; brings cheers to children this yuletide season

It's a sad truth that millions of children are forced to live on the streets; begging for food or foraging from dumpsters for their next meal.  And while they live on the streets, they become subjects of violence, abuse and exploitation.

December 22, 2017, UNITED STATES - Today marks another milestone for aGreatLife as it kicks off its first philanthropic campaign to help fight against child poverty in the Philippines. Prodded by a heartfelt resolve, aGreatLife teams up with ChildHope Philippines in giving street children the chance to live a better life. Through the Street Education and Protection program, the organization seeks to reduce the number of street children especially in Metro Manila by setting them in safer places, safeguarding their health, and fostering their education.

“Millions of young children across the Philippines are forced to drop out of school at an early age to scavenge, peddle, and beg on the streets to be able to fend for themselves and their families. Clearly, these kids need our help. As we all join hands in ensuring these children’s well-being through education, we also create a sustainable benefit that will transform not only their lives but also their communities,” Tony Christer, co-founder of aGreatLife, explained.

This season of celebration, aGreatLife hopes to bring smiles to more children and families by giving a portion of its profit during the holiday season to ChildHope Philippines. As  aGreatLife finds joy in bringing families together and building stronger memories, we want to share the same joy to those who need it most.