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Deciding on the Best Toys for Toddlers

5 Tips Every Parent Should Know

tips for choosing toysSo here are the 5 tips every parent should be considering in purchasing a toy for their toddlers. 
Buying toys for kids can often be a challenge to every parent. Your choice of toys plays a valuable role for your child’s development. While there are no studies that directly links parents who buy their kids toy guns to violent individuals, you can’t deny the fact that making right choice of toys and type of games they get involved in still and can definitely help shape their personality, attitude and behavior. At the end of the day, a child, especially those in their formative years (toddlers), can still be compared to a sponge who look up to adults and absorb everything they see we appreciate and value.

Adventure is the Key!

Pick toys that encourage fun and adventure like ‘Scavenger hunt’ and ‘Treasure hunting’. Action figures are also great toys to help trigger your kids’ imagination and boost social interaction.  Sports are great for developing motor skills and can teach your toddlers two of the most important values in life: teamwork and sportsmanship.

Age Appropriate

Make sure your read the label. Every toy company indicates the age range the toy is designed for. While there is no direct harm in giving your kids toys for the big boys, you should still allow your children to enjoy toys that they would easily appreciate and understand.


Make playtime more fulfilling with games that set rewards. While some parents would fear that their kids might get spoiled by setting rewards, it would only provide a negative connotation if abused. Rewards are set to help bring out your child’s best potential whenever he plays a game.

Be Imaginative! Be Creative!

play and child development

Some parents tend to be overprotective with their children. While it is natural that parents should always be there to assist their kids as they grow, some parents tend to overdo it to the point that they don’t realize how they are already ‘spoon feeding’ them. Developing your kids’ imagination and creativity at an early age would certainly come in handy once they become adults.

Get that Brain Working!

While a street smart child is definitely a parenting goal, you would also want a kid who’s logical. That’s where intellectually stimulating games come into play. These are the toys that sharpen your child’s mental skills, which can come in handy in his/her academics. Your good old favorites are the best options for a brain teaser games: puzzle cubes and pictures, toy and money mazes, Rubik’s cube, and other educational toys.

Here at aGreatLife, we encourage families to bond over fun and playtime with brain teaser toys that we all loved and enjoyed back in the day. Relieve your childhood with a twist! Create new memories with your family now by viewing our unique toy collection.