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Introducing Pets to Your Kids


Getting a new pet can be super exciting especially for children. Whether you’re getting a puppy or a cat, children and young animals have a lot in common—they are curious, energetic, impatient and excited about everything. At first, it can be quite as handful as you have to guide your kid and your pet as they get acquainted to each other but eventually, the rewards are wonderful. The bonding is undeniable.

Pets are a great gift to a child as it teaches them how to be responsible for another life form. However there are a lot of factors that come in to play when choosing the ideal pet like how much free time you actually have to look out for your pet, how much space you have, how often do you travel, etc.

If you still can’t decide on what pet you could give to your kids, here’s a quick cheat sheet you can refer to in making your decision.

Should I get a Puppy?


getting a pet

Man’s best friend! Dogs are active and are great companion for kids especially if they love fun and playtime. Dogs are intelligent creatures. The fact that can be trained to do tricks spells an afternoon of exciting adventure for both your kid and their furry friend. The animal-human relationship is particularly intense with canines.

However, you must also be aware that dogs require the most care of any domestic animals. Make sure you find time to walk, feed and play with your dogs every day. Also, beware of bites. Never leave a pet and your child unattended.

Should I get a Goldfish?

Goldfish are most parents’ starter pet. The hardy goldfish can live up to several years in cold water with no heater or filter. Maintenance is definitely more relaxed as compared to your domestic cat and dogs so you and your child may not need to get super hands on with your pet except of course during feeding time and cleaning.

However, you have to note down the reminders given by the pet shop. Don’t overfeed your pet and be careful of giving him food items other than fish food.

Should I get a Cat?

Could there be something more comforting than a warm, fluffy body and a soft, calming purr? Cats are ideal for kids who are nurturing but who won't mind being ignored by a pet that's often aloof. Cats are generally a popular choice among girls but there’s no harm in giving a little boy one too.

Hence, remember that if you are already living with a cat before your baby arrives, your child’s allergy tendencies may have been reduced. But if your child is just getting a cat, there are chances that he/she may be allergic as many 30% of people who have allergies are. Also be aware of cats scratching during play.

Should I get a Hamster?

Hamsters are the cutest things! They are furry like a puppy, less maintenance required like a cat, and they come in a small package which you can bring almost anywhere. It’s also a good starter pet for kids but you have to remind them to be careful in handling your pet hamster as these creatures are frail.

Also, be aware of feeding time. Make sure your hamster has enough water and food  in their plate. Avoid overfeeding them as well as ensure they are seated in a room that’s properly ventilated.

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