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Legacy You Can Pass On

“What legacy can I pass on to my children?”—this is probably the most common question every parent has in mind when it comes to raising kids and searching for positive parenting tips. Whether it’s financial or ethical values, as a parent, we are constantly under the pressure of honing our children’s future. We want to prepare them and help them learn the skills and knowledge they need as they live through the challenges of life independently especially when the time comes that we perish.

Of course, who doesn’t want their kids to have a bright future?  Parents, we want to give them everything that we can. But ultimately, we want to leave them the best things.

And so you ask, “What legacy can I pass on to my child?”

The answer will always tend to be subjective and will depend on what things you value the most. Are you pro-education? Or are you more of the creative parent? Would you want your kids to achieve financial freedom and be wise about investments? Or are you the spiritual type? The choice is endless. 

Hence, you would want a legacy that inspires your children to work hard for their dreams and stay focused on their goals. You want your kids to feel free to become who they want to be and not be forced to fulfill goals / dreams you have set for them. 

Every parent is guilty of this. While you would want the best for your child, trying to plan everything ahead of time to secure their future, it is also crucial that you listen to what they want and support them even if it breaks your heart. We also have to understand that our kids are their own individuals. We, as parents, can only do so much as to guide them and motivate them.

Parents are obsessed with their children achieving success without realizing that it can only be achieved if the person has the right mindset. If your child is not passionate or even slightly interested in doing what he’s doing, how could he become successful?

In a Nutshell..

Leave a legacy your children would thank you for. Always keep in mind that the foundation to every successful individuals are people who unconditionally supported them along the way—through the achievements and through their failures.

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