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Parenting in the Modern World

Modern parenting can be a struggle especially for today’s parents as we’ve all been accustomed to semi-conservative parenting style of our predecessor. Our childhood has been characterized by major transitions in terms of technological advancement. We have seen the digital age evolve and we are basically witnesses to the birth of today’s cell phones, tablets, computers and gaming consoles that gave us virtual reality.

Today is definitely an amazing time to live as technology has really continued to make our lives more exciting in all aspects. But at the same time, all of these progression gives us more responsibility as parents.

Juggling Work and Parenthood

Modern parents are often challenged by the amount of responsibilities they have not just for the family but also at work and for themselves. We have to realize that it is more difficult to earn a living nowadays due to economic reasons, which leaves mommies and daddies exerting most of their effort at work and a little time with their family.

parenting in modern worldYes, it is important to secure our family’s future but it is also important that we bond with them, guide them, and nurture them with our knowledge and experience. We’ve heard all kinds of stories proving the effects of different parent styles on their children’s brain—particularly on their behavior and attitude.

How you act and approach your kids is crucial especially during their formative years and teenage years. You have to be aware of your actions and most importantly your choice of words. This is probably the trickiest part in parenthood. We have to always be aware of what we say and what we do in front of our kids. This is a cliché but we are the immediate role models for our kids. We have to set good examples in character for our children so they can be role models in their own way as well when they grow up.

At the end of the day, there are no perfect parents. And there will always be days when your attention will be unevenly divided between work and your family. There are times when you have to work harder and spend more time at the office. Don’t worry, that’s okay. Unlike what most adults think, kids are smart and they will understand you for as long as you clearly explain to them why this has to be done. But of course, make sure you make up for the lost time.

Communication is the key. Talk to your child about your struggles and ask them about their ideas. You will be surprised how imaginative and direct to the point kids can be when it comes to problem solving. Sometimes adults are so dumbfounded by trying to make things intricate and complex when the solution is plain and simple.


In a Nutshell…

Effective modern day parenting is characterized by two principles: time management and communication. Find time for the people you love. Life is not just about earning a living or securing a bright future for the family. It is also about you and the laughs you share with your kids.

Communicate, communicate, communicate. Never leave your house without talking to your kids about what you are doing. Make them feel their worth in the family. Always listen to what they have to say and consider it if possible.

Give them credit for something they’ve done right and tell them the reasons why what they’ve done wrong is not good.

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