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Playtime is Not Just for Toddlers

Why Parents Should Never Stop Playtime with Their Kids

playtime with kids

Some may cringe at the thought but yes, parents should never stop playing with their kids. We’ve heard the cliché teens often say things like, they wish their parents would understand them better or at least appreciate them beyond their academic performance. Majority of the world’s population would probably agree that during their teenage years, they have the same attitude towards their parents. But it is only until they’ve had children of their own that they understood the magnanimity of the responsibility of parenthood.

However, parents must also understand being a parent is not just about providing for their children. It is about shaping their children’s future and helping them have a better attitude towards life as a whole. Which is why it is crucial that parents should be careful of how they act towards their children. And the fun should never stop even when they reach adolescence or teenage years.

How Playtime Can Help You Learn More about Your Kids

playing with your kidsIs your child not being too competitive? Maybe he’s not confident enough with his skills to win. Then, you as a parent will try to fill that in by sharing your knowledge and how you’ve overcome your own weaknesses.
Playtime is not just all fun and games. It’s the perfect setup to teach your kids the most valuable lessons in life: creating strategies to win, how to accept defeat graciously, how to rise from the fall, and keeping humility after winning.
It is during playtime that you get to learn more about your child’s competitiveness or otherwise, the lack of it.

Or is your child is too competitive and quite a sore loser? Perhaps, your past criticisms have not been constructive and struck a different note on your child that he started to think that winning is the only option he has for you to like him. It is surprising how parents often forget that their children always look up to them for approval. This is why you, as a parent, would have to be careful of how you construct words before you utter them so that the message would not come across as rude or as lenient. You want to make your kids understand.

Is your child not a team player? Maybe he is too shy and he lacks the confidence to believe that he is a valuable part of the team. You, as a parent, should start talking to your child about real problems at home or even stuff at work and ask for their advice. You will be surprised how sometimes the young ones have more interesting insights on how to solve problems as compared to adults.

Is your child not taking failure lightly or does failure leave him broken and depressed? Again, this might be because he doesn’t have the confidence to believe in himself that he can learn and adapt the skills he need to win the next time. Or, it can also be the other way around—your child can be overconfident about his skills that he lingers in the thought of finding more reasons for his failure.

Playtime is the perfect setup for parents and children to bond not just for the fun of it but also because you want to make your kids feel that they are important to you and you value every moment you have with them. And it is more crucial to do so as they grow to become teenagers wherein they experience more problems, and make tougher decisions which could make or break their future.

In a Nutshell..

Parenthood is challenging in all forms. You haven’t known responsibility until you raise a child or children. From getting food on their plate, providing a safe and comfortable home to live in, and everything that’s needed to make sure their kids would grow up in an environment wherein they would feel secured, loved, and important. And yes you do have the option to say no, but at the same time, you just do it anyways out of love.

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