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There’s a Monster in My Room!

monster in roomIf your child claims there is a monster in his or her room and you have a baby monitor installed in their room, you have to change the password on that monitor. We’re not just talking about paranormal situations but also about the possibility of your baby monitor getting hacked. There has been numerous reports on baby monitors getting hacked by predators especially the ones that are connected and streamed through WiFi.


As a parent, you should definitely listen. More often than not, this is not a mental health issue. What a kid calls monster may probably be a leak in the plumbing, or he might be hearing something that requires your attention. It can be a shadow of a twig from the outside, or pests living in your attic. You will never know what is happening if you dismiss what they are saying. There is a stimulus in your child’s environment that caused him to conclude something like “there’s a monster in my room!”, so obviously you have to attend to it.


Here are the things you should do to eliminate your child’s fears at night and get rid of the ‘monster’:

Do an inspection

It wouldn’t hurt you if you stay a little longer or even sleep in your child’s bedroom to see what has been bugging him/her. You may even have a wildlife inspector check in your attic or walls for any infestation as these so-called monsters might just be pests like rats.

Install another nanny cam

Invest in another nanny cam that’s not connected through the internet and keep it in the most hidden location in your child’s room. You will never know if there’s a potential hacker that’s blocking your cam’s streaming and haunting your child.

Create an ‘anti-monster spray’

There are cases when children just seeks for attention when they call out ‘monster’. Make them feel safe and build their courage by providing them with DIY anti-monster sprays or monster deterrent. Get a used spray bottle and fill it with water, an anti-monster toy sword, or create badges. This way you teach your child how to fight their fears.

Hence, make sure that you have done the first two steps we’ve mentioned above before concluding that your child may have just been seeking for your attention.