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Recently Released Brain Teaser Cube Family Wins Amazon Best Seller Badge

This article was originally distributed via SproutNews.

New 3D puzzle “The Cube” wins Amazon Best Seller Badge weeks after release.

Elkhart, United States – November 30, 2015 /P

A next generation Rubik’s Cube has shaken up the Amazon 3D Puzzles market and snagged the coveted #1 Best Seller Badge within just weeks of hitting the market. Boasting an enticing concept backed with superior structural quality, The Cube reimagines the world’s most popular toy as a contemporary game with timeless appeal and outstanding mechanical longevity.

Since launching, the product has received thousands of orders from across the globe. The US Amazon product page currently features over 970 customer reviews accompanied by an impressive 4.8 out of five star rating. It’s these eCommerce credentials that won the product the highly sought after Amazon.

#1 Best Seller Badge within the 3D Puzzles category. More details and a special limited time sales price on The Cube can be found at Amazon here.

“The Cube has made tsunami sized waves in the contemporary toy market by offering buyers entertainment and innovation backed by genuine quality that’s more than capable of withstanding the wrath of the world’s most avid speed cubers,” said Lisa Roberts of A Great Life. “We’re honored to have received this best seller badge and believe it reflects the quality and value A Great Life customers appreciate about it.”

With a focus on speed, precision and productive play, The Cube takes Ernő Rubik’s 1974 innovation and transforms it into a modern day toy that’s ideal for players of all ages and mental capacities. Perhaps its most endearing appeal is the fact that it offers players relief from the surfeit of technology that’s inundated modern life. Studies confirm the benefits of engaging in tech free activities, with PNAS Journal’s recent report titled ‘Cognitive Control in Media Multitaskers’ confirming that temporarily cutting ties with technology for just 30 minutes can better brain health.

The Cube also challenges the mind to think in themes, an activity that was recently explored in an article published in the Oxford University Press. The report was titled ‘Neural mechanisms of brain plasticity with complex cognitive training in healthy seniors’ and maintained that complex mental activity induces improvements in cognition, brain function, and structure.

As well as actively boosting brain power, The Cube sets itself apart from the competition by offering buyers an eternally entertaining experience backed by exceptional quality. Thanks to precision engineering featuring a standard Guanlong structure, slightly rounded internal corners, and anti-pop technology players enjoy easy turning, smooth play and ultra-sharp turns.

Frustrated by fading colors, peeling stickers and faulty hinges, the engineers behind The Cube were determined to create a product that could stand up against hour after hour of speed cubing mayhem.

The result is a premium quality toy manufactured to the highest standards. With vivid colors, solid stickers, and robust hinges that support lighting fast, jam-free play, The Cube is the pinnacle of brain-bending fun.

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