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New Generation 3D Puzzle Challenges, Improves Motor Neuron Skills for All Ages

A recently released 3D puzzle is helping players of all ages improve motor neuron and problem solving skills with a fun, yet challenging new take on the traditional Rubik’s Cube.

A new neoteric puzzle, ‘The Cubinati,’ is putting motor neuron skills to the test for kids, teens, adults, and the elderly with an intelligent twist on a classic concept. Pegged as a ‘Rubik’s Cube on steroids,’ this 3D pyramid puzzle incorporates a generation’s worth of ideas into one ultra-portable game that challenges brain skills and dexterity head on. The game encompasses all five stages of the problem solving process to offer players a broad learning experience.

Recently published studies confirm that puzzles boost brain power, especially for older adults who may already be experiencing a decline in memory. With the emergence of modern technology has come the rise of electronic games that may be entertaining, but in reality they fail to stimulate the mind and offer players any form of cognitive value. The Cubinati goes back to basics with an inventive heir to the world’s most popular puzzle.

“By blending the definitive puzzle concept with cutting edge engineering, The Cubinati gives players a chance to reconnect with the toy that defined an entire generation, and continues to maintain its relevance in a technology oriented world,” said Lisa Roberts of A Great Life.

When it comes to enhancing cognition and boosting brain power, The Cubinati is a powerful tool that is both entertaining and enriching. It requires players to evaluate, manage, make decision, resolve problems, and examine the final result—the five core stages of problem solving. The skills learned, practiced, and mastered during play can be applied to everyday life situations encountered on a daily basis.

Within the employment context, The Cubinati is a fantastic way to enhance problem solving performance, strategic planning, critical analysis and other skills in an array of sectors, from IT, economics and finance to engineering, education and law. Many professionals also find brain games such as The Cubinati to be an excellent method for stress relief through productive momentary distraction from their daily stressors.

Engineered to hone in on agility, precision and deftness, The Cubinati is exceptional at refining fine motor skills and enhancing dexterity. The tiers of the pyramid-shaped toy turn super-fast for smooth play and slightly rounded internal corners make for easier and quicker maneuvering. This means that no matter how fast a player twists and turns the squares, the anti-pop technology ensures zero jams for a frustration-free session.

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