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aGreatLife Releases Their Own Version of a Perfect Way of Making Memories

Elkhart, Indiana -- Kites have been a source of entertainment for over 2,800 years. They have been played with not just by kids all over the world but also by adults. There are many different kites which look very old and traditional and others may have new designs, like the dynamic stunt kites used in sport-kite flying competitions. Now, aGreatLife introduces their new product, the 46-inch Rainbow Kite with sturdy spool. Their aim is not just to sell kites but to let the world know that flying kites is not just about fun but also building priceless memories.

aGreatLife's Rainbow Kite is unique in its own way, with 46-inch rainbow wingspan airborne which is made of 100% non toxic and quality materials. The kite has bright colors with a long tail and streamers. Its materials and design make them ultra-maneuverable compared to other kites. "Although I am no kite expert, but this is an excellent kite for flyers of all ages. It is super easy to launch and is steady while flying. The first time I flew it, I didn't even have to run - it just started flying on its own," says one pleased customer. "This will also introduce new way to have fun and kids will have the chance to learn how adding of tails to kites help them soar to greater heights," the customer added.

aGreatLife is proud of how their kite flies effortlessly that even kids can do it. "This kite is specially designed for simple assembly. It comes with a kid-friendly handle, and has extremely stable handling characteristics. It is specially designed to be stable and easy to launch in any level of wind," said Viktor, aGreatLife co-founder, when asked about what made the kite special. The Rainbow Kite will help the kids learn how to launch and control the kite which is a good practice to develop their coordination and critical thinking skills in a very practical setting. It will give them the feeling of great success when they see their huge Rainbow Kite fly.

aGreatlife's idea of huge and colorful kite is to create an activity to bring the family closer together without the influence of new technology. And to make life simpler but happy and more exciting.

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aGreatlife continues to foster good customer service and takes responsibility of the products they make. A money back guarantee and a warranty for all their products attest to their willingness to take accountability and security for all their merchandise. Each product continues their legacy of making everyone's life better.

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