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aGreatLife Releases New Smoother, Ultrafast Cube for Speed Cubers

Elkhart, Indiana -- A new cube has been released that's got the nation's speed cubers twisting and turning like never before. Meet the ultra-fast cube that has built-in improved speed from innovative product company, aGreatLife. Constructed with a very similar design to the original Rubik's Cube, this cube works the same but very much faster.

Rubik’s Cube has provided a popular challenge for people all over the world for over 40 years, even spawning its own community of fanatics that are known as ‘speed cubers'. The Cube offers the same experience but at a ‘breakneck' speed. The stiffness and the slowness that some cubers report when using other cubes on the market, has been replaced by a modern design that doesn't need lubrication – it's already smooth. Its corners are cut at 45 degrees and it's this slight rounding that puts it seconds ahead of its more traditional for-bearer.

Each of the individual cubes are durable and don't jam. It's a speed cube that has made waves in the challenge arena. Available from, complete with a solution guide that is packed with tips and tricks, this cube comes with a full money back no-risk guarantee. If a customer doesn't like it, for whatever reason, then they can ask for their full payment to be refunded.

The Cube has proven itself to be a delightful winner with Amazon users who have given feedback such as ‘faster' and ‘like lightning'. Its stickers do not peel off, it's built to last for years, even after enduring the rough and tumble of being used by kids. It is not only used for entertainment purposes but it also has both relaxing and meditative powers.

The Rubik's Cube took off in the 1970s when it was recognised for helping children to develop intelligence. The challenge of the cube was to align all stickers on each side of the 3x3 cube to be of the same colour. Since then it's been an icon of pop art, fun and challenge. It's highly portable and makes a travelling companion that will keep children busy for hours.

aGreatLife speed cube is available from

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aGreatLife is a company whose mission is to give people choice and balance through the supply of beautiful and useful products. A brand that wants to develop long-term and meaningful relationships with each customer. aGreatLife takes responsibility for their products are in addition to providing an outstanding customer service experience, will return any money spent if the customer is not fully satisfied. All customers are thanked in advance for their loyalty, smiles, and abundance of compliments. aGreatLife offers a Rubik Cube 3x3 that meets the needs of any speed cuber.