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7 Habits to Improve Your Brain Function

habits to improve brain functionIn today’s world, which is full of distractions and information being available almost anywhere, the human brain may struggle to keep up. We’re more susceptible to forgetting things rather than remembering them.

We all want our brains to function better and remember more information so we can be able to come up with elegant solutions to complex problems. Sadly, oftentimes this is not the case.

On the bright side, all is not lost. There are ‘exercises’ and habits we can do to sharpen up our brains and memory and get it functioning at its best. We have listed down the 7 must-do habits that will help improve your brain’s function.

1. Exercise Regularly

Exercise helps regularize blood flow in your body, boost cardiac health, and releases beneficial hormones like endorphins and protein in your organs. Studies have shown that exercise can help your brain work faster and more efficiently.

2. Get a Good Night's Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep can help your brain relax after a long day of storing data. Studies also proved that the brain replays events from the day and helps commit them to memory during sleep. Lack of sleep can inhibit relevant brain functions and slows down your thinking. Thus, disabling you to retrieve your memories.

3. Focus on One Task at a Time
As much as you would want to believe you can multi-task, you can’t. Focus on one task at a time so you can apply your brain’s full potential to solving that problem before moving to the next. Dividing your attention among several things can wear out your brain disabling it to fully function in the best way as it should be.

4. Maintain Motivation
Always find something that will keep you motivated. Motivation helps limit distractions and helps you in focusing on your objectives.

Try to listen to music when you feel discouraged. Or, watch a motivational speech from your favorite movie and keep your energy up. Seek for things that will keep your mental energy up and working towards finishing your task or achieving your day’s goal.

5. Limit Distractions
Social media is the number one distraction that everyone can’t get off from. Turn off unnecessary notifications on your mobile or on your desktop so you can focus on your goals. It is easy to get sidetracked by watching videos or reading articles when you should be working.

6. Play Challenging Puzzle Games
Nope, Rubik’s cubes and puzzles are not just for kids. They’re for adults too! Playing brain teaser toys can help you sharpen your creative thought and concentration. These types of toys can increase one’s mental ability, improve task-switching skills, and increase one’s ability to adapt to new situations and problems.

Challenging games push the brain to think more creatively, faster and process information better.

7. Stress Management
Stress can severely inhibit your ability to think straight. Find ways to manage your stress well to help your brain increase its endurance, and ability to think under pressure. Make time for yourself to relax and relieve stress every week like getting a massage, walking in the park, etc.

Start incorporating these habits in your life and improve your overall mental health. You think best and most efficiently when you are calm and your emotional state is balanced.