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aGreatLife is Now on Ebay!

From being exclusive to Amazon, aGreatLife is opening its doors to new avenues and finally our new store in eBay is now OPEN. All of your favorite aGreatLife products are now available there including Diamond Kite, Ice Cream Kite, the Cube, Cube II, Thank You Cards, Woody Xylophone, and others.

“It’s a great day to be a part of this company and we’re so happy that we have successfully launched on eBay,” said Tony Christer, co-founder of aGreatLife. “We have always been on search for opportunities to reach more people, reach more families, reach more children who are looking for better toys and products that they could bond over with.”

According to Christer, more big things are coming to aGreatLife. The brand is looking forward to expand their product line on both Amazon and eBay before the year ends. “There are more products to be launched before New Year so it’s really very exciting,” said Christer.

Earlier this quarter, aGreatLife has introduced several products in the market including Stacking Cups, Jute Storage Bin, Hello Hippo Bath Organizer, Rain Cloud, Wooden Abacus, etc.

They have also launched several contests on Facebook and Twitter with prizes ranging from freebies to $50 Amazon gift card. “It’s the season of giving. The best way we could thank our customers is by giving them gifts and freebies we know they’ll definitely enjoy to receive. We have more contests to be launched this December,” said Christer.

aGreatLife is also keen to open more stores in other ecommerce platforms in the future.

Visit aGreatLife’s store on eBay today.