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Black Friday 2016 Deals at aGreatLife

Black Friday is almost here and you know what that means: LIGHTNING DEALS!

Every year, aGreatLife celebrates Black Friday and Cyber Monday with a blast. This year, we’re taking it up a notch. More new items are coming your way, and lower prices for your all-time favorite aGreatLife products. “This is a yearly thing for us but this 2016, we’re doing things differently and more grand. We have placed huge discounts on items that we know you love,” said Tony Christer, founder of aGreatLife.

aGreatLife is planning to giveaway exclusive deals and coupons particularly for our popular products including CUBE, CUBE II, Diamond Kite, and Rainbow Kite. aGreatLife has been labeled as one of Amazon’s bestsellers for these products along with other items like Gift Bags, Puzzle Savers, etc.

Aside from the upcoming Black Friday Sale, aGreatLife also has a lot in store starting early November with their Halloween Contest. “We’ll be having more contests and giveaways in the coming days. aGreatLife has always been about giving, which is exactly what this season represents. We want to give gifts to our loyal customers and followers on social media, spread the positive vibes, and just wish for everyone to have aGreatLife,” said Christer.

aGreatLife also has introduced new items to join their roster of products including Hello Hippo, Wooden Abacus, 3D Puzzle Tables and Chairs, Circus Magnetic Puzzles, and more. “We are focusing on introducing more products that the whole family can enjoy and are safe for kids of all ages,” said Christer.

aGreatLife is the brainchild of Tony Christer and Victor Vil who were inspired by their personal experiences. aGreatLife is about celebrating the #GiftofLife and #GiftofFamily. “Our mission is to establish the bond between family members. In this ever changing and fast paced world, there is a need to bring back simpler things in life like playtime as these are essential for our children’s development,” said Christer.

“We help families build memories through familiar toys that we’ve all enjoyed and loved.”

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