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Christmas Came Early with aGreatLife's Product Launches

It has been an exciting month for aGreatLife as we have launched several cool new products on our Amazon store! Christmas definitely came early with aGreatLife and we’re not stopping just yet.


Take a look at some of the new items that we have:

1.) Rain Cloud

rain cloud

- Best Science, Enrichment and Physics Toys for Toddlers and Babies. This cute little rain maker is the best educational bath toy to keep your toddler busy in the shower. This bathing toy is shaped like a cloud and toddlers can place it in their hands. They can control the flow of the rain with just the tip of their fingers.

> See the Rain Cloud Here<


2.) Woody Wooden Xylophone

wooden xylophone

- Create magical sounds with this little percussion instrument. The Woody Wooden Xylophone comes with two child-safe wooden mallets specially designed for little hands. Bring out the musical genius in your kid. Definitely a great instrument to jumpstart your child’s musical development.

> See the Woody Wooden Xylophone Here<


3.) Jute Storage Bin

jute storage bin

 - The perfect size organizer. Our jute storage bin is a wire-framed and sturdy container that can stand on its own even without the contents. It is made from natural, durable and strong jute.

The storage box is tough enough to hold stuff in your room or the weight of the things inside it. It has a dimension of 17" Long x 13" Wide x 11" Height. Best for keeping toys or organizing your personal belongings.

>See Jute Storage Bin Here<


4.) Thank You Cards

Thank You Cards

- Best Note Card for Wedding, Graduation, Bridal and Baby Shower, Birthday and Christmas. The cards are simple, yet elegant and thick which makes it easy to choose an ink to write with and great for mailing out. It gives also the natural feel with the touch of the hand.

>See Thank You Cards Here<


5.) Wooden Abacus

wooden abacus

- Educational Toy for Kids with Free Magnetic Puzzle Activity Kit. Its innovative design makes it one of a kind! It has a thick, durable and well-sanded wooden frame which makes it very sturdy and stable. It comes with vibrantly colorful and smooth beads which slide freely back and forward on the wooden poles. There are 5 rows of 10 beads in 5 rainbow colors.

>See Wooden Abacus Here<