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Fun Ideas to Have a Hoppin’ Good Time this Easter!

Are you egg-cited for Easter? Easter is that time of the year when families and friends can come together to enjoy each other's company and celebrate the holiday and beautiful spring season. You can make your Easter more memorable with these egg-stra special activities that the whole family can enjoy with friends and neighbors.

Easter Egg Decorating Party. What could be more fun than engaging your kids and even your neighbors’ kids in a creative activity where they can color and decorate their own Easter eggs? Let them apply their clever ideas, whimsical designs and artsy embellishments on the DIY Painting Egg Toy. They would definitely have loads of fun as they bring out their artistic side to make these eggs into amazing decorations or colorful works of art.

Fun Easter Crafts for Kids. You can go beyond the usual egg coloring activity by doing some artsy stuff. Kids can make their own bunny ear headbands or decorate their own photo frames using a DIY Picture Frame Kit. Girls can enjoy making their own handbags with the DIY Handbag Kit and their own fashionable bracelets using Pop-Arty Beads.

Easter Egg Hunt. Who wouldn’t love to be in this favorite Easter tradition? Have a family or neighborhood Easter egg hunt wherein all the participants are dressed in bunny costumes or polka-dot dresses as they look for eggs-cellent Easter eggs. To make the hunt a little more fun for all, you can include Magic Dinosaur Eggs or load up each plastic egg with tiny toys or small goodies.

Easter Jumping Bunny Game. After the Easter egg hunt is over, you can try this racing game. All you need is a Jump Rope for each player to use and some bunny ear headbands that players can wear as they hop, skip and jump their way to the finish line. You can also add a bunny trail and a basket filled with goodies at the end of the line so everyone can have a hoppin’ good time.

Flower Planting Activity. It’s the beautiful season of spring! You and your kids can add to spring’s lovely colors by planting flowers like daffodils, pansies and peonies.To make it exciting and easy, give them well-made and finely crafted wooden tools like aGreatLife’s Gardening Kit. When you give your kids flowers to care for, you also give them a chance to commune with nature and have a positive well-being.

Kite Flying Activity. With the charming season of spring, the whole family can enjoy the great outdoors by flying colorful kites. aGreatLife has a good selection of easy flyers like the Huge Rainbow Kite, Diamond Kite, Sweet Ice Cream Kite, and Hotdog Kite that everyone in the family would find a delight to launch and fly.

Family Magic Show. Kids can show off all their clever tricks using the Fairy Magic Show Suitcase or Magic Master Show Suitcase. You can also have a jar of jelly beans and other Easter treats for each spectator to enjoy.

Egg-ceptionally Stunning Easter Brunch. Nothing can get you more in the mood for an Easter brunch than seeing pretty and colorful flowers, and nicely designed Easter eggs at the center of the table with the perfect homemade meal, delish Carrot cake, plus some special sweets like the perfect blueberry and cranberry scones, for everyone to enjoy. All these, with a lovely banter of messages, will bring the warmest smiles and the fondest memories.

Easter Basket with Gifts for your Loved Ones. Well, do not forego the Easter baskets! Make this an Easter to remember by filling your basket with egg-straordinary gifts, goodies and toys you can share with your loved ones. You can use a Large Jute Storage Basket to hold all these wonderful treats and add some egg-citement by including fun and educational toys like Speed Cubes, Wooden Abacus, Wooden Xylophone, 3D Puzzle Table and Chairs, Circus Intelligence Magnetic Puzzle, Red Bear Drum Tambourine, Money Maze Puzzle Box, Color Ring Sorting Board, Bristle Blocks Building Set, Bear Slingshot, Wooden Whistles and Stacking Cups. The list can go on so you better check all these wonderful choices on our storefront.

With all these egg-citing ideas and activities, you can have more meaningful and truly unforgettable moments with your loved ones. Go the extra mile to make the season egg-stra special and create strong family memories that each one can cherish.

So have a Hippity Hoppity Happy Easter!