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The Little Things That Matter Most on Father’s Day

With Father’s Day just around the corner, everyone is on their feet thinking about the best Father’s Day gifts they can come up with for this year’s celebration. For those who may have saved up for the occasion and money is not a problem, the options are limitless. For them, Father’s Day ideas can range from a round-trip ticket for the entire brood to Disneyland in Hong Kong or a premier golf set for them to enjoy their favorite sport or front-row seats to the NBA Finals so they can cheer for their favorite baller team.

For many, however, Father’s Day presents are not as fancy and lavish. But regardless, the saying “it’s the thought that counts” still holds true even up to this day, especially on Father’s Day.

Remember the time you kicked your first soccer ball or made your first home run and your dad made the loudest cheer, pick up from that memory and think of the many ways we can bond or play or simply spend time with our favorite real-life superheroes, our dads, during this special day celebrated for them.

We at aGreatLife think that Father’s Day gifts should be at par not in terms of monetary equivalence but in terms of all the special memories and things that we share with the most important man in our lives: our fathers.

We have rounded up the most relevant Father’s Day gift ideas to make the picking easier for you:

Soaring High with Happiness

What better way to bond with your dad than to go kite flying with them with our Hotdog Kite, Ice Cream Kite, or Rainbow Kite. You don’t have to worry about not having enough wind to fly the kites up, as our Hotdog and Rainbow kites easily fly at the slightest breeze. Celebrate the special day with a simple picnic at the beach or at the park, where the kites will be most ideal to play with.

Living Life to the Fullest

Regardless whether your dad loves to travel by himself or with your mom or with the entire family, he will, without a doubt, love the Scratch Off the World Map. This detailed world map printed on durable glossy paper is the ideal Father’s Day gift for the dad who’s consumed by wanderlust as it makes for a fun and easy way for them to make an enjoyable record of all their adventures.

Pampering the Green Thumb

While they may not ask for us to pay them back for all that they have done for us and our family, we can never measure up to the sacrifices fathers have made to support us in our hobbies, in our careers, in the relationships that we built as we grow, and in almost every aspect of our life. This Father’s Day, give them the funky, handcrafted Gardening Tool Kit that will make them enjoy their gardening hobby even more.

Keeping Fit and Healthy

While gym membership certificates make for great Father’s Day gifts, they simply come expensive. Show your dad how much you support his feat to stay fit and healthy by giving him our adjustable Jump Rope made from lightweight and tangle-free cotton with a comfortable non-slip grip as it’s designed with hand-carved rabbit wooden handles. The aGreatLife Jump Rope is a powerful workout tool that helps strengthen bones, improve balance, agility, and cardiovascular fitness your dad will be most happy to receive it.

Making Them Work for the Gift

Combining puzzle games and gift boxes surely makes for unique gift ideas for Dad. The Money Maze Puzzle Box is ideal for the dad who’s always up for the challenge of completing a puzzle or working out a brain teaser. The Money Maze raises gift-giving to an all-new level as it makes it more exciting for Dad to uncover that keychain, gift certificate, or a special slip to be king for the day or the weekend.

Scoring a Strike

Make great memories with the entire family not just on Father’s Day but throughout the year with exciting games of bowling with our sturdy and special aGreatLife Bowling Game Sets. Made from specially handcrafted wooden materials, these bowling sets are ideal for a wholesome and fun time together not just for the whole brood to enjoy but to celebrate the gift of life and family.

Brain-teasing Fun for Everyone

Whoever said that speed cubes are only for kids may not have seen aGreatLife’s Cuby and Cube just yet. Get your dad all hyped up with the challenge to solve the cubes as you time them. Branded as the Speed Brain Teaser Bundle, this set makes for a brain power booster as well as an excellent stress reliever for all the fun it offers. And with our Father’s Day sale, you should be able to get two for the price of one for the entire family to be able to join in on the fun.

Cleaning Up the Clutter

Give your dad something stylish and sturdy to hold his collection of books, magazines, or whatnots. The Jute Storage Bin will make it easier for Dad to put and store his favorite stuff while helping Mom keep the home clutter free. It's waterproof and durable, it will secure your dad’s prized possessions for a long time, you may even have the chance to use it yourself when the time comes. How cool is that for a Father’s Day gift?

So while we can never measure up to all the great things our father has made for us, sacrificed for us, and given up for us, showing them how much we appreciate everything that they’ve done for us should never be that hard. Getting them some cheap Father’s Day gifts and spending quality time with them not only on Father’s Day but as much as we can will be more than enough for them to feel that indeed we will be forever grateful for being blessed with a dad like them.