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Top 10 Most Unique Gift Ideas for Moms

                  We could never measure the influence and importance of our mothers in our lives. They have brought us into this world and have guided us through life from the moment we were born. They are our real-life superheroes. That’s part of the reason why it’s hard to find the right gift for her when Mother’s Day comes around. How and where can we find the gift that’s as special and unique as she is?

                 Well, you may want to find something she can use all the time or something that she can use for special occasions. You may also want to find something that’s reminiscent of special memories. Thinking about it can be harder than it may seem. We suggest that you think about what makes your mom happy. Does she like to cook or garden? Or maybe she’d rather spend her afternoon knitting, doing some artworks or reading in a cozy nook. She may also be into dancing or home decorating. You may also give her something unexpected so she can embark on a new hobby.

                 We’ve cherry-picked the top 10 most unique gift ideas for moms to make it easier for you. Go beyond the usual flowers and chocolates and make Mother’s Day a day to remember.  

 1. The Happiness Planner

                 You should always go for whatever will make your mom happy. She deserves it because she spends so much time thinking about everyone else. Give her something that will not only put a smile on her face but make her appreciate life even more. This planner can serve as your mom’s roadmap to happiness. It also includes daily and weekly exercises to help her set goals, practice gratitude, and note the good stuff in life. This uniquely designed planner comes with a rose gold pen, assorted paper clips, and 8 printables. You can buy this fabulous gift from

2. Long Distance Touch Lamps

                 When you live far from your mom, you can still light up her room from anywhere in the world with these hand-assembled LED lamps.  When you turn one on with a simple touch of your hand, its mate lamp emits the same ambient glow, no matter where it is in the world and who is on the other end. Just touch the lamp whenever you want to and make your mom know that you’re thinking of her. There’s no need to choose a color because with every touch, the lamp cycles through a rainbow of them, one at a time. Get these amazing lamps from uncommon.goods.

3. Speed Cubes

                  Who says that Speed Cubes are only for kids, teens or puzzle geeks? Your mom could also get hooked into this 3D brain teaser that never goes out of style. It’s a brain power booster and a great stress reliever because it’s fun and easy to play. You would be so proud if your mom becomes a speed cube champ because of your gift. Check these amazing speed cubes on  The Cube is at a sale price of $12.60 so you may also get one for yourself.

4. Scoops of Flower Measuring Spoons

                  Most moms love to cook and bake that they spend so much time in the kitchen. These foursome measuring spoons are not only functional but also a delight to behold while she cooks or bakes. They’re so cool and pretty that she can display them on her countertop. The standard-size measuring spoons range from ¼ teaspoon to one tablespoon. These adorable “blooms” sit upright in a bright and cheery blue and white striped pot base so they’re always within reach. You may buy this useful eye-candy from

5. Aromatherapy Spray

                   Even the best moms have their share of not-so-good days, so give her something that will help her spray the stress away. She can also use this as a perfume because it smells so good. It’s infused with essential oils which will keep her in a good mood and help her relax after a tiring day. Buy it from and make your mom feel good all day long.

6. Puzzle Saver

                  If your mom is into puzzles, this 12-Sheet Peel & Stick Puzzle Saver will help her preserve her amazing masterpieces and proudly hang them on the wall for everyone to see. It’s a must-buy for puzzle aficionados. The super-adhesive sticker will keep the puzzle pieces intact forever. Get this premier puzzle accessory from for only $10.49.

7. Therapeutic Foam Wedge

                  Mothers are the most hardworking people on the planet so they deserve a good night’s sleep after all the chores they have done throughout the day. This bed wedge pillow provides a healthy and more relaxed night’s sleep with its comfortable, gradual slope. If your mom loves to read then this would also be perfect, it can help her read in comfort as she lies in bed. It can also be used to elevate the legs to improve circulation. Get this from

8. Family Tree Print

                   Every mom’s greatest passion is her family, so delight her with this framed custom family tree to capture your family lineage. It has chocolate brown branches and your choice of ink color for the leaves to represent different family members. You can even add a list of your family’s favorite activities, traditions or a quote - a family motto or poem - along the bottom to further personalize the print. Check it out at

9. Jute Storage Basket

                   This stylish and sturdy space saver is tough enough to hold your mom’s collection of books or magazines. It’s also waterproof and durable so it will secure her most precious stuff for many years. This would also help her maintain a clutter-free home. Make your mom stress less and enjoy life even more with this multi-purpose basket. Get it from for only $17.99.

10. Mother Puzzle Wall Plaque

                  It’s her day, so go ahead and give Mom a little ego boost by giving her a well-deserved plaque of recognition. You can piece together the special moments and memorable times you’ve shared with her with these distinctive and well-made interlocking wall frames. You can also validate all the wise advice she’s given you over the years by including a personalized message for her.  Get this awesome wall plaque from   

                  As with most holidays, Mother’s Day comes only once a year. We can make it extra special by giving her a special gift to express how much we appreciate her and everything she has done for us. Words are not enough to express our love and appreciation to the person who helped us to walk and talk, who gave us our first book and patiently taught us how to read, and who gave us all the love she possibly could. We need to show her how much we care by acknowledging her value in our lives through gifts or by simply spending quality time with her.

                We ought to celebrate the woman that holds a special place in our hearts as often as we could and wherever life would take us. After all, moms deserve nothing but the best not only on Mother’s Day but throughout the year.

                 If you have a great idea for Mother’s Day, or have seen other unique gifts for moms, share it in the comment section below.