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What Makes the Cube so Good?

Here at aGreatLife, we have received so many inquiries about our most popular product for cubes, ‘The Cube’. The Cube is not the same as your old cubes that you used to buy as gifts decades ago. Our speed cube incorporates a generation's worth of ideas to solve all those annoying foibles of the cubes you may have tried in the past making it better .

A good speed cube will provide you with increased pleasure while you solve it resulting in more consistency and faster solving times. To be able to hold up under high speed solving, a speed cube should avoid popping, lock ups, and catches while having smooth or fast layer turns while giving the solver total control.

aGreatLife’s The Cube is already super-fast without any extra tuning. The internal corners are slightly rounded, which makes it far easier and quicker to turn. So even if you’re a beginner, it would be quite easy for you to learn and solve ‘The Cube’ as compared to other cubes in the market.

The Cube also has improved anti-pop technology. No matter how fast you're going, it won't jam on you. Unlike other cube products wherein you have to constantly lubricate it as it gets tougher to turn or easily falls apart, The Cube is built securely in place but will glide smoothly regardless of how long you’ve been playing it.

If you’re a reseller/retailer, we would have to say that The Cube is a good product to offer not just for cube fanatics and puzzle lovers but also for those who are looking for gifts. Here at aGreatLife, we’ve shipped over thousands of Cube products in the United States and UK. Everybody simply loves to play with a Rubik’s cube!