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aGreatLife was founded by two friends, Tony Christer and Victor Vil in 2014. When Tony and Victor started out, their passion for spreading the message of thankfulness and helping build priceless memories with friends and family, drove them to create a brand with a mission. Help families bond and make the world a better place.

Today, aGreatLife has customers all over US, Canada, Europe and Asia.

July 12th, 2016 was an important milestone for us. Our brand turned 2 years and it was also Amazon Prime Day. On this day we hit record sales - selling over 5000 units directly to consumers in a single day in US alone.

Our Huge Rainbow Kite was the 8th best selling toy in Amazon. We are pleased to see people getting so fanatic about our products and loving what we stand for.

For us Black Friday 2016 was 10 times bigger than on 2015 and twice as bigger than Amazon Prime Day this year.

We hope YOU too join us on our path.

It's a great life!

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