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Rubik's Cube Guide Manual (Tips and Tricks)

Solve The Cube Like A Pro!

Solve your Rubik's Cube simply with a tutorial. No terminology, memorization, or shenanigans. Enter your colors, and press solve and we'll get you back to normal. Enjoy!

Rubik's Cube Guide



Go solve your Rubik's Cube using the online guide.

Solve your cube from any position in less than 25 moves.


  1. Youtube videos for 3x3 solution [videos]
  2. Rubik's Cube original solution guide [PDF]
  3. Beginners guide of 3x3 cube [website]
  4. 7 step solution cubeguide/cubyguide [PDF]


Do You Know What's Inside a Rubiks Cube?

These guys cut open, smashed open and pulled open 4 different Rubik’s Cubes to see what they are made of! Fun and interesting.


Buy The Cube

Have you ever heard of speed cubing?

It’s the latest and greatest way to solve a Rubik's Cube,  and it’s about to suck you in – along with your family and friends! Everything you need for hours upon hours of 3D, brain-teasing fun is right here in this super-cool, eco-friendly package.

We have a 3x3, 2x2 and pyraminx!

Rubix Cube


Have a 2x2 Cube?

Check out our 2x2 Cuby Guide.

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